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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lebanese Labne and Vegetables Sandwich

Labne and Vegetable Sandwich

Labne or Lebnah, Labneh, Labni (Strained yogurt) and vegetable sandwich, is a delicious Lebanese sandwich that is quick to make (less than 5 minutes).
Labne which is made by draining whey from plain yogurt in a thick cotton cloth (overnight) has a distinctive sour taste like yogurt and it looks like white cheese.
It is spread (like cheese) on a pita bread or saj bread then different vegetables such as sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, black olives, olive oil and dried mint are added on top of it.
Primary Ingredients for Lebanese Labne and Vegetable Sandwich:

  • 3-5 Table spoons Labne.
  • 1-2 Cucumbers.
  • 1/2 a Tomato.
  • Few sliced black or green olives.
  • 1 Table spoon of olive oil.
  • 1 Tea spoon of dried mint or a few leafs of fresh mint.
  • Dash of salt to taste
Method of Preparing Labne and Vegetable Sandwich:
  • With a spoon, Spread Lanbe on the pita bread then slowly pour olive oil on top of the pita bread in circles.
  • Cut the cucumber lengthwise into four parts and place at the center of the sandwich.
  • Cut the tomato into ½ rings and add on top of the cucumbers.
  • Slice black or green olives then add on top of the sandwich.
  • Sprinkle dried mint on top of the sandwich then add salt to taste.

  • Role the pita bread to make it like a stick and enjoy the Labne Sandwich.
  • Serves 1 person.
Cook's Notes:

  1. In Lebanon pita bread is commonly used, however; you may use French bread or toast bread or any other type of bread you may like.
  2. You can add other vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, green onion or parsley leaves but it would make the Labne sandwich too thick for a bite.
  3. You can find Labne in Arabian supermarkets outside of Lebanon.
Please don't hesitate to ask any question and do let others know what you think about this Lebanese Labne and Vegetable Sandwich in the comments below.

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